Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saving Downloading FLV Files using the Safari Activities Window

If you have a YouTube video you covet, you can save it to your hard drive using the videodownloader Firefox extension, or using other websites such as KeepVid. For sites that do not work this way, you can grab the file from Safari's "Activities" window. Here's how:

1. Load the page with the video and let the video start playing.
2. Select Activity from the Window menu.
3. In the list of all the URLs referenced in the current page, you will see one file that is indicated as being larger than the rest. Press and hold Option, then double-click on this listing to download the file to your Downloads folder.

Now you can use FFMPEGX or the like to convert the FLV to another format, or, extract its audio.

Have fun but don't fill up your boot drive, kids. :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Open Source Project Management Software - OpenProj

Wow, a full-blown opensource project management app from Projity. Check out OpenProj.

Emacs GUI Version for OS X - Aquamacs

Found an interesting Emacs GUI - Aquamacs. Works with Japanese as well. Now if I can only get over my allergy to all those keyboard shortcuts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SproutCore - Apple's Open Source Javascript Development Platform

If the new desktop-like apps in MobileMe, Apple's replacement for its .mac service, are any indication, SproutCore is going to be the source of some really incredible apps. AppleInsider calls it Cocoa for the Web.

O'ReillyMaker - Roll Your Own O'Reilly Book Cover

Ever wanted to bust out a cool book cover just like the ones O'Reilly does? Well now you can, thanks to When you hit publish, you get your very own cover URL to show to all your friends.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TextMate Japanese Input Bundle

I use TextMate for text editing in OS X and love its clean interface and features, but the defaults do not allow Japanese input and choosing Fonts has been problematic. Never fear. Hetima san, the developer of SafariStand, released a bundle called CJKInput for TextMate to allow Japanese input, and has a font to boot. I searched a few times for this in English and Japanese, but for some reason never came across it despite its having been around for quite some time.

At any rate, you can download CJKInput, and unzip and copy the tmbundle file into:

~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/

Hetima's Font-Forged, Mono-Space Japanese font ForMateKonaVe.ttf is here, so you can install that in the normal way. Enable it in TextMate Preferences, and away you go. The font is an amalgam of a Japanese font and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, so it looks good too.