Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Linux and DOS Command Comparison

When systems engineers are just beginning to learn, or are faced with a situation of having to change from one OS to another, it is good to have a comparison of commands or methods to ease the transition. Thinking of one such situation, I put together Linux and DOS Command Line Equivalents, and hope it is useful for some.

The technology behind the page is interesting, and it's such a pleasure to have tools like this. The page uses a Google Spreadsheet as its data source, and the GTable macro from Loghound's PlusKit. In a styled text page in RapidWeaver, I inserted commands like the following (without the space between @ and gtable):

@ gtable((pRjiYF5QI6j4rHxaJXP7rRQ, id:sysadmintable1, theme:lab-report, header:true, search:section="Entering Commands",ignore:section))

This feeds the ID of the Google Spreadsheet and other query parameters to the Google Docs API, and several of these commands resulted in the nicely-formatted page within the confines of my site. The best thing is, when I update the Google Spreadsheet, my site's page updates automatically.

The page itself is admittedly imperfect, but it is a start. Hope you enjoy it.

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