Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fixing EMobile USB Dialup on Snow Leopard

I just installed Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 with no problems after getting a replacement for a bad Family Pack install disk (the Shibuya Apple Store said that many people reported the same), and found that my EMobile Huawei D02HW USB Wireless Dialup card, which was fine in Leopard, died when Snow Leopard was installed.

Reinstalling the EMobile Huawei D02HW on Snow Leopard

Here's how I fixed it:

  1. Deleted /Applications/EMobile D02HW Utility.app.
  2. Deleted /System/Library/Extensions/HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext
  3. Deleted Huawei folders and files in /System/Library/Modem Scripts and in /Library/Modem Scripts
  4. Emptied the Finder trash.
  5. Rebooted the system.
  6. On plugging in the USB Modem, the system mounts it in Finder as a USB memory. Ran the installer EMobile D02HW Utility.app and got an error regarding AutoOpen. Bypassed this by opening the installer package via "Show Package Contents" in Finder, and ran the Contents/Resources/EMOBILE_D02HW_Drv_App.pkg, which is the actual installer. Now it runs with no errors. AutoOpen be damned.
  7. After the install, rebooted again.
  8. After the reboot, I can add the Huawei Mobile modem in Network Preferences. Phone number for these devices is "*99***1#", user name em, password em.

I read a report that you can simply change tone to pulse dialing in the existing Huawei Mobile settings (from Leopard, for instance), so maybe the failure just has something to do with a plist not working somewhere and changing that setting refreshes it, but removing and reinstalling works fine too.

Give it a try if you have trouble, and I hope this short tip is helpful for someone.


Yumeji said...


I wonder if you can assist me?

I have an Emobile D21HW data card and since installing Snow Leopard it will not work. I've tried following your instructions here, but it seems somewhat different...

If you have any suggestions / advice it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Rick Cogley said...

Hi Yumeji - thanks for stopping by. What precisely is different? One thing, actually I was surprised the USB mounted properly, because after the first time it never did that again. If you cannot get it to mount (thereby not being able to find the installer) then you can download the same off EMobile's site. -- Rick

Yumeji said...

Thanks for getting back to me.

I could locate and delete the Emobile utility app, but I could not find the stuff in systems/library etc.

Nothing at all happens when I attach the broadband stick to the Mac. It does not show up in Finder nor does the utility start.

When I tried to run the utility from the Applications folder it just hangs and crashes...

All rather annoying.

(Actually, I'm finding that Preview is odd since Snow Leopard, and as I write this the top of my screen has broken up with weird colours and what looks like bits of web pages.

Not sure the SL "just works"...

All the best.

Rick Cogley said...

Yumeji - it sounds like you have different problems. I'm not experiencing that with Preview. Is it firmware needing an upgrade?

I just noticed you have a slightly different Emobile - the stick-type. I would think they'd be the same but you never know.

Rick Cogley said...

Yumeji, after you delete and redownload the installer, are you opening the installer from Finder as a package? The installer for me would not run, and was giving a common AutoRun error, so I opened the package and dug around. The actual install file was within...

Rick Cogley said...

Yumeji, you're right about the video funkiness. After you mentioned, I saw it in Safari Top Sites. It's kind of like the top sites get scrambled and show at the top of the screen? Definitely a bug... Well, I'm pretty pleased with Snow Leopard generally. It's indeed faster and has a smaller footprint. Kudos to Apple for not bowing to that constant "must have new features" mantra. However, it's a little frustrating that I got a bum disk! In the OS that is supposed to be _about_ QC!

Yumeji said...

Yes, my Emobile "stick" is different, so perhaps that's an issue.

I'll try downloading the installer from the Emobile site, and if it fails will pop down to the Apple store and see if a "Genius" can live up to their name.

Ummm... Strange that Safari 4 has become buggy since SL when I had not noticed an problems with it before.

Overall I agree with you. SL is quick, has a smaller footprint and bucks the trend for more bells and whistles.

All the best.

Yabu said...

Thank you so much for your instructions! They helped me get online again.
I ran in some problems after step 8 where it would not connect, but somehow I reached a solution somhow (I don]t remember the steps now, though)

Rick Cogley said...

Glad to have been of help, Karl. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

チャールズ said...

Thanks for the information. I had an older version of the software installed on the USB dongle, so your instructions did not work, the modem was not detected in the network preferences.

The solution is to download the latest versions from the emobile website:


Following your instructions with this package works.

Shiruba said...

I also have a D21HW and can't get it to work. It doesn't show up as a serial port (and thus you can't add the modem in the control panel). It shows up in the System profiler, but only as a USB mass storage device. Seems the KEXT doesn't recognize it?

I have a D02HW too, that I can get to work, but of course it's bulky and slow.

p.s. the virtual CD drive is only supposed to show up if the driver is not installed, so that's no mystery.

I checked the eMobile page, the utility for the D21HW is still 1.0 I can't find anything on Huawei's page either.

Shiruba said...

Hello again, I managed to get the D21HW to work, following the instructions in:


The pulse/tone didn't make a difference, but using the "Generic / DialUp" combination did, as opposed to using the actual Hauiwei driver.

This is apparently conflicting with the information in

but ... well I am connected with it now, so it works.

Rick Cogley said...

Thanks Shiruba. I have found that the modem gets slow in 15 minutes. Before, that used to happen after a couple of hours. That's the only difference I can see.

Steve said...

After two frustrating calls to eMobile and being told on the first occasion that all I had to do was re-install the eMobile Utility and on the second that it's not compatible with SL and they don't know when it will be, this is exactly what I wanted to read.

Your instructions are spot-on. I can even set it up in English without having to change the OS language to Japanese.

Many thanks, Rick.

Rick Cogley said...

You're welcome, Steve. Thanks for reading. I'm always shaking my head about how poor the support in big companies is. "What? You want to use a new OS?!" [me: What, you guys weren't even aware?!]

Shiruba said...

Steve and others, glad I could help, but I should point out that I found this information by searching in Japanese... If you only know English you are going to have a long hard road ahead living in Japan... English is supported here, but primarily for Tourists only. I reposted the stuff in English after I got it to work because I saw some people here having issues not resolved by the original post.

Anyway that aside, I haven't noticed my modem getting slow after 15 Mins.

Also, I have D23HW, not D21HW, but the instructions I used to get it to work were for D21HW.

Rick Cogley said...

Thanks for the model information, Shiruba. Maybe I will upgrade. Mine is a D02HW, one of the oval-shaped ones that kind of dangles off your USB port.

Shiruba said...

Rick, I am sure you know this, but even the D23HW I have is "old" now, as it is 7.2/5.8Mbit. There are now 21/5.8Mbit models available with integrated SD memory no less.

I stuck with the model I have for two reasons:
1. it is compact and works well with mac book air physically.
2. The upload speed matters a lot more than the download speed for some things. For example, things like Skype video works just fine with my model, but awful with the older model. So while 21Mbit might be nice, it isn't needed as much as the 5.8Mbit upload is.. which I already have.

Rick Cogley said...

Shiruba / Silva - lol, yeah, technology just gets away from you when you're busy. I have to get my staff to get me a new one!

kinnie said...

Hi all,
I just managed to connect an EMobile D12HW on a Snow Leopard update on an alu MacBook without re-installing anything.

In System Prefs/Network I checked the "Show modem in menu bar" then clicked Advanced button and Modem tab and changed the Vendor: Generic; Model: Dialup Device and left Dialing: Tone; Sound: On
Then it just worked! Use the menu bar phone icon to switch On/Off.
Hope this helps someone as EMobile won't - I asked today and got the usual wakaranai...

Steve said...

eMobile Updates HW Utility. Snow Leopard Compatible?