Friday, November 14, 2008

Enable Google Labs in Google Apps Premier

If you read my post about enabling Google Labs in GMail, I'm happy to report that the trick also works in Google Apps Premier Edition "GAPE". Go to the Labs tab via an URL like this (edit it so that it has your own GAPE domain).

Now you can have that Google Labs goodness in GAPE. Enjoy!


Kateřina said...

Thank you very much! That was exactly what I wanted!
I was pretty angry when I realized, that Google Labs doesn´t work in Google Apps Premier. But you perfectly solved my problem.

Rick Cogley said...

Hello Kateřina, I'm glad it was helpful to you! --Rick

Leviathan said...

It did not work for my google apps domain. Any suggestion?

Rick Cogley said...

Hi Leviathan, thanks for visiting. When I tried it on the one I was testing, it worked. I did hear that for some people's domains it does not work. Perhaps contact google to see if they can enable it for you?