Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Delicious Bookmarks to Your Blog

Delicious Automatic Post to Blogger BlogDelicious has an experimental service that allows you to enter information about your blog, and have Delicious post a summary of your latest bookmarks to your blog.

Assuming you are a Delicious member (free) you can get to the Blog Posting Interface via this URL:

In the interface, the "out_url" section is where you put the so-called "XML-RPC" URL for your blog software. This is not your blog URL but rather the URL of the API for posting via blog publishing software.

For Blogger, the XML-RPC URL is:

You can get your Blogger ID by going to the Blogger web interface, making a new post, and hovering your mouse over the "Edit Posts" link. That said, I have tried this with various numbers for the "out_id" section, my Blogger blog ID, the numeral 1 and so on, as well as various variations of the Blogger XML-RPC URL, but, nothing works. So, I'll relay an alternative method.

Posting Delicious to Blogger via Feedburner

Here's how to do it:

  1. Enter your Delicious RSS feed into Feedburner.
  2. Republish as a Feedburner feed, and adjust in Feedburner as you like, including publishing the feed via email on the Publicize tab.
  3. Subscribe to your Feedburner feed for your Delicious using your special post-to-Blogger email address. You can subscribe on the FeedBurner feed page - there's a link to subscribe by email, and you can enter your email-to-blogger email address there.

That should do it. Enjoy!

Update 11 Dec - thanks Adam. I incorporated your suggestions.

Subscribe to FeedBurner feed by Email


Adam Creeger said...

Thanks for sharing, great workaround! Having just done this, I have a couple of points to add:

* You have to activate email publishing in Feedburner on the "Optimize" tab. I grabbed the html code and pasted it to an html file on my desktop, then subscribed - is there an easier way?

* Make sure your Blogger account is set to "Save emails as draft posts" - the first email you get from Feedburner is an email verification.

Thanks again!

Rick Cogley said...

Thank you, Adam. I took a screenshot of where it is. Please see:


Jamie Riddell said...

I am trying a workaround which is feeding Delicious to tumblr, taking the tumblr feed into feedburner, subscribing to the new feed by email using the email to blog feature.

I am waiting to see if it works - talk about a convoluted process!

Rick Cogley said...

Hi Jamie - interesting, but why not subscribe the RSS feed of delicious directly to feedburner? I think I am missing your point...


Rick Cogley said...

@Jamie - in addition, I posted recently about backing up friendfeed via this method. In case you're interested:


Admin said...


Hope you could help me out. I'm getting really frustrated. I want to cry.

I'm done with Steps 1 & 2, but I can't seem to see where I should put the mail-to-blogger email address so that I could post the feeds automatically to blogger.


Rick Cogley said...

Hi Lorie - no need to shed any tears. :-) In feedburner admin, click the feed icon, which brings you to the feedburner page for your feed. There you can subscribe by email, per this screenshot:

When you subscribe by email you need to confirm it, so be sure to follow the instructions and click the link in the mail that comes.


VickieP said...

What if I forgot to do what Adam said, "Make sure your Blogger account is set to 'Save emails as draft posts' "?

I tried resubscribing, and it told me to go look at the e-mail, but I don't know where to find the e-mail that goes to my "secret" Blogspot posting e-mail.

Any suggestions?

Rick Cogley said...

Hi VickieP - when you subscribe to the feed, it sends that mail address a confirmation mail that you need to open and do what it says. Click a link, or whatever. When you email something to the special blogger email, it gets put up on your blog. That's why you need to set to draft, so that it does not appear. If you just wait for it to appear you don't really have to worry about that, because you can just delete it.


Rishi said...

hey adam ,
i have used this feature and my bookmarks are now seen by my subscribed users , now i want to make my bookmark private and dnt want feedburner to send my bookmarks ,i went to link splicer but the service is not active , so i was wondering how do i disable it ?
do i have to change something from delicious account?

Thank You .

Sarah Denley said...

Hey Rick! I know this is an old post, but hopefully you'll still get my comment....

First, thanks so much for this. I have been trying so hard to figure out a way to get delicious to blogger.

Here's my question, though: It emailed my first set of bookmarks tonight and only one showed up. I bookmarked them all around the same time (a few hours before the email was to be sent). Any ideas what happened?? Thanks so much!

Rick Cogley said...

Is the email set to send as a digest or single bookmark posts I wonder?

Sarah Denley said...

Not sure, I tried to look, but I didn't see anything that gave the option, so I assumed it would be a "digest". Isn't that sort of the point? Thanks again for your help!

Rick Cogley said...

Then I would say post some and see what happens today or tomorrow.