Monday, February 16, 2009

Rick's Picks (weekly)

  • An outstanding compilation of youtube links. -- Rick Cogley | The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube. YouTube is best known for its offbeat videos that become viral sensations. But among its millions of clips is a treasure trove of rare and fascinating arts footage, lovingly posted by fans. Ajesh Patalay selects 50 of the best - Joy Division's TV debut, readings by Jack Kerouac, a Marlene Dietrich screen test, Madonna's first performance... and much more

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  • "Zaditen", an allergy medicine from Novartis, is now available over-the-counter in Japan. Last year it was by prescription only, but I'm blogging about it because it works for me where little else did. It's about 1800 yen for a 20 capsule pack, which seems expensive but "welcome to Japan" eh?

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  • Just as the sign says - "twitter hall of shame". Some interesting stuff here. Makes ya think. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: Twitter is a fun Web 2.0 communications tool that allows users to deliver quick messages of 140 characters or less. The hastiness and ephemeral nature of these messages means that Twitter has become more than a communication tool — it's a source of angry, funny and awkward messages that would be sometimes best left unsaid. Whether they're embarrassing or just interesting, these tweets are worth preserving.

    tags: pop-go, twitter, hall of shame

  • An outstanding set of photographs of directors and actors by Annie Leibovitz. A must-see with good commentary next to each photo. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: Something Just Clicked - Some of these actor-director teams have a history together—remember Ron Howard and Tom Hanks’s breakthrough, Splash, a quarter-century ago?—while others produced their first mind-melds in 2008. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet even brought marriage and kids to the Revolutionary Road set. But in each case the chemistry was profound, the effect exponential. From Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn to John Patrick Shanley and Meryl Streep, Annie Leibovitz photographs 10 partnerships that helped generate more than four dozen Oscar nominations this season. Related: Krista Smith goes behind the scenes at the shoots. Plus: Video from the photo shoots.

    tags: Annie Leibovitz, vanityfair, hollywood portfolio, photography

  • Excellent intro to the types of problems organizations hit when they try to go Agile. -- Rick Cogley From the site - Agile Adoption Patterns Published by richard durnall on Feb 10th, 2007 in Coaching with No Comments I find the patterns that emerge from repeated tasks really interesting. When I first started coaching teams there was no way I could give the team or the organisation any predictions about what they were about to go through. A few years later I find it’s a very different story. I’ve found that no matter the industry, city, size or culture of the organisation, things always break in a common order…

    tags: agile, richard durnall, adoption

  • PM software centered on graphic design firms. --Rick Cogley Project Management Software for Graphic Design by: Shel Perkins from: STEP Inside Design, July/August 2007 A good system for budgeting and tracking projects is absolutely essential for every graphic design firm. However, the process of finding the software that’s most appropriate for you can be very confusing. There are lots of competing project management systems out there and each has different strengths and weaknesses. This research guide will help you sort through the options by asking some key questions and sharing comparative information about several of the systems currently available.

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  • Every morning on Japanese TV lately, there's a commercial segment that plays a cover of "Top of the World" by The Carpenters. I knew that The Carpenters were popular here, having seen their songs on many a karaoke menu and heard them played pretty consistently. I had mentioned their popularity in Japan to an American friend, who was baffled by it, and I laughingly mentioned this to my wife this AM. She told me that their songs have been played for years in our local Gumisawa Elementary and in other Elementary Schools around Japan.

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