Monday, January 12, 2009

Rick's Picks (weekly)

  • Wow, this is a cool mashup of social networking and expense tracking. From the site: Wouldn’t it be great if you could at least use those tools to help you get some of that work done? Xpenser, developed by Trastr Inc, allows for a number of different tools to be utilized to keep track of expenses.

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  • Big list of web-based PM software. From the site: Web-based software can surprisingly increase performance, productivity and efficiency within an organization. Since web-based applications can be accessed through any web browser, no desktop installation or updates are required. Web-based applications require to be installed on a server, which is most of the time hosted by the software developer. Moreover, certain providers even offer Intranet solutions, which can be installed on your own server. Our directory lists developers who offer effective, 100% web-based business tools. Their applications are accessible by users from any computer, at anytime, from anywhere. Our team of web-based application specialists have already reviewed some of the applications listed on this website. If you have no time to spend on evaluating several tools, you can read our software reviews to get a quick overview of featured applications. The reviews include strengths, key features, screenshots, etc.

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  • Very useful article on estimation. On Grenning's "Planning Poker". From the site: The best way I’ve found for agile teams to estimate is by playing planning poker (Grenning 2002). Planning poker combines expert opinion, analogy, and disaggregation into an enjoyable approach to estimating that results in quick but reliable estimates.

    tags: grenning, planning poker, project management, estimation

  • Can Agile be applied to systems integration projects? Yes and no. --Rick Cogley From the site: Agile is not for everyone or every project. There are some requirements for it to be successful that fly in the face of a lot of the established norms for IT projects and implementations. That’s not to say you couldn’t use Agile for such projects, but unless everyone involved clearly understood the Agile requirements, it would not likely be an unsuccessful attempt. What are these requirements?

    tags: smoothspan, project management, pm, agile, scrum

  • Some thoughts on using AGILE / SCRUM techniques for non-development projects. -- Rick Cogley From the site: The other night, I was at a get together of some regional ArcGIS developers. They asked about Scrum and we started talking about the requirement that every iteration must produce some potentially shippable product increment. Being GIS folks, someone asked how you would apply that “rule” to non-development GIS projects. It made me sit back and think for a bit. So, out of curiosity, and to find out if anyone out there used an Agile approach to these types of projects, I searched Google using several appropriate search phrases. To my astonishment, I couldn’t find a single reference to anyone using Agile methods for non-development GIS Projects. In fact, most led me to very rigid, stepwise, waterfall approaches to GIS project management.

    tags: edgehopper, scrum, agile

  • Seems like a good online PM software. From the site: Web Based Project Collaboration DeskAway gives you an accurate view of your project progress and eliminates common problems when working in teams: email spam, multiple file versions, lost files, task accountability issues, lack of clarity & work transparency. DeskAway is an online software, so, there is nothing to download or install on any computer. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. Our Vision Our vision is to provide simple, powerful and affordable tools that help people work smarter.

    tags: deskaway, project management, online

  • From the site: Project portfolio management and project management software for the midmarket. Until now organisations were locked out from the benefits of PPM due to expense and complexity. Enter TeamWorks - PPM software with a low cost of ownership that can be up and running in days.

    tags: iplanware, management, project management, teamworks

  • Vertabase is a solid-looking online or self-hosted PM solution. No invoicing, but it seems to cover the basics. Could not find the way to change currency to Yen or to get it to allow Japanese characters to be saved, as the demo "munges" them into ??? marks.

    tags: vertabase, project management, web2.0

  • ANother online PM tool. Looks interesting. From the site: Tasks Pro™ is a robust, multi-user, web-based task management solution to effectively coordinate and organize your professional and personal projects. You work with a team of people who all play a vital role in the success of the project. You have multiple projects with various teams working simultaneously. You need a collaborative solution that allows each team member to successfully manage their tasks and gives you insight into the project’s progress. Each person needs access to a centralized task manager from a variety of computers, PDA’s, and web-enabled phones - perhaps from all over the world. Tasks Pro™ is your solution.

    tags: crowdfavorite, project management, tasks pro

  • Project management software @task. Mother lode of features, but complex. Multilingual and well regarded. No invoicing included. From their site: @task is web-based project management software that helps companies get work done. You' ll love how easy it is to get more from your teams and bring your projects in on time and on budget. Use @task to plan your project life cycle and provide your teams with the project management tools they need to succeed.

    tags: portfolio, @task, attask, project management

  • Solid-looking java-based team collaboration / project management software. Teamwork is a proven, reliable and friendly web based software solution for managing work and communication in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of projects at once. Teamwork is easy to use, so that an extended team can contribute; it is also capable of handling complex projects.

    tags: teamwork, software, project, projectmanagement, twproject

  • If you use Google Mobile for iPhone, go to its settings and keep trying to scroll down past About. You get a little easter egg reward in the form of a "bells and whistles" menu. Nice! -- Rick Cogley From the blog: One evening in Zurich, after a late night cake run, we decided that our iPhone app, Google Mobile App with Voice Search, could do with a little bling. The result of this is a few extra options hidden below the preferences on the Settings tab. Trust us, they're down there... it just might take some perseverance to get to the bottom of things. Just keep trying!

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