Sunday, May 24, 2009

New YPK Innovations Lock

New YPK Innovations Lock - Cafe 2.0I got a new bike lock from YPK Innovations - a Cafe 2.0. The model I bought has a more flexible and just slightly lighter cable than the last, as well as much harder, more durable-seeming plastic around the lock. I like it better.

There were two problems with the old one, that cropped up after 18 months of daily, outdoor use at the train station:

  • The plastic bezel around the lock broke, exposing the metal lock.
  • The metal collar inside, around the lock itself started to rotate, covering up the hole that the post was supposed to be inserted into.

Here are photos of the problem:

Broken YPK Innovations Lock - Steel Collar RotatedBroken YPK Innovations Lock - Plastic Shell Cracked

I think the one I just bought is a generation old, but it still seems better than the first one. These YPK "cafe" locks are nice because you can make two loops for flexible locking.

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