Monday, May 25, 2009

Rick's Picks (weekly)

  • A very informative site on bike lighting systems. With nudity, lol. -- Rick Cogley From the site: Not everyone can afford to buy a commercially manufactured, very bright rechargeable lighting system, which Ken Kifer accurately describes as the best light for commuters. While prices have come down, a good rechargeable lighting system is still over $100 when you add in a good tail light. Adequate dynamo powered lights will cost you over $350 in the U.S. (6 watt dynamo plus front and rear lamp). A lot of people settle for less expensive 3 watt generator light sets which are not suitable for commuting, at least in the U.S.. Others buy el-cheapo handlebar mount lights which are not very bright, and usually not very reliable. This site describes how to build a high performance, rechargeable. lighting system without spending a lot of money. You can spend as little as $40 to construct a system, complete with a sealed beam headlamp, xenon strobe tail light, rechargeable battery, and charger. All components are available from retail or mail-order stores. I don't sell anything (except Flash Flags), this is purely an informational site. This site contains my informed opinions, as well as the views of other groups and individuals. There are many different solutions for bicycle lighting that meet the criteria of "seeing and being seen," and there are many solutions that do not meet these criteria. Choose wisely and use common sense. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for an adequate lighting system. A lighting system is not rocket science, it's basically connecting a battery to some lamps. The challenge is in sourcing the proper components and mounting them to the bicycle in a secure and reliable manner.

    tags: starlight, nordicgroup, lighting, cycling

  • I got a new YPK bike lock, that allows you to lock front and rear wheels simultaneously. My last YPK's plastic housing degraded and broke, and the steel collar around the hole in the lock that the sliding post goes into started to rotate, making it hard to lock. This new one seems to be upgraded - heavier-duty plastic around the lock itself.

    tags: 4-d116, ypkinnovations, bike-lock, lock, cafe 2.0

  • Dai-ichi Life Insurance has announced their latest Sarariiman Senryuu (Salaried Worker Senryuu, サラリーマン川柳) competition winners. It's the 22nd year for the competition, and people vote on the best humorous haiku that come from the daily life of salaried workers and the news. You may recall that haiku are the poems with a cadence of 5, 7 then 5 syllables. Check some of the sara-sen winners out with my translations. -- Rick Cogley

    tags: sarasen, salaried, worker, dai-ichi, life, insurance

  • Careful. This site reasonpad dot com is indicated by Safari and Google as being infected with malware. -- Rick == Interesting list of dos and don'ts for the loud, obnoxious American tourist. Funny, but I think difficult for most Americans to follow. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: As an American traveling in a foreign country, the last thing you want to do is stand out like a sore thumb. Not only do you have a greater chance of getting sucked into tourist traps, but you’re also a more obvious target for getting mugged or even kidnapped. So, are you aware of the things you do, say, and wear that make you look like the stereotypical tourist?

    tags: reasonpad, american, tourist, tips

  • TechRadar UK's favorite terminal commands for OS X. Long live CLI. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: Although you can replicate the results or functionality offered by most Terminal commands via various bits of freeware and shareware, it's simpler to fire up the command line and paste in a handy command. Below are our favourites, centring on workflow efficiency and system streamlining and improvements. Note that if Terminal becomes a mess at any point, 'clear' removes everything from the current window or tab.

    tags: techradar, terminal, osx

  • New Search Engine Wolfram Alpha is interesting but not quite ready for prime time. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: Making the world's knowledge computable - Today's Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.

    tags: search, semanticweb, knowledge, engine, wolfram, alpha, searchengine, search engine

  • Campfire to Jabber proxy script written in ruby. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: At work we use 37signals’ Campfire group chat for our office discussions, as well as customer support. This web-based chat is great for teams to intercommunicate as well as keep the channel open for our customers to speak with us. However, I am not a fan of keeping a couple tabs open to the same pages all day. One reason is that it becomes a RAM hog after a few hours. It also adds another chat program to the list that I have open.

    tags: superjared, ruby, camper.rb

  • Cool cellphone-strap gadget that lets you connect by exchanging SNS info via your "poken". -- Rick Cogley | From the site: With your poken you instantly connect with new friends across online social networks when and where you meet them.

    tags: poken, do you poken, social network

  • An amazing and encyclopedic body of knowledge about cycling and bicycles. Sheldon Brown's site. -- Rick Cogley

    tags: cycling, bike, bicycle, reference, sheldon, brown

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