Monday, May 04, 2009

Rick's Picks (weekly)

  • My list of some English bookstores in Japan, but mostly in Tokyo or Yokohama where I live, for the visitor or resident.

    tags: bookstores, tokyo, yokohama, kinokuniya, maruzen, yurindo

  • I agree that Social Networking Service acceptance, or lack thereof, is not a simple matter of Japanese being "shy". Just go to Shibuya, Harajuku, or Kabukicho to prove otherwise! I think SNS acceptance is driven by the marketing of the SNS, by whether it "feels right" and "fits right" for Japanese people, and by whether other people are using it. I think that's what Thierry is saying anyway, but my perspective is that SNS's like Mixi are Japanese to begin with and not a localized version of an application like Facebook or MySpace.

    tags: sns, social media, thierry de baillon, mixi, facebook, rick cogley, snapjapan

  • Don't suffer with color management off. Turn it on now. If you use anything but IE 7 you are still out of luck, but Safari users have had this functionality for quite a while. I refer to "color management", which is the concept of adjusting the color properties of devices, like displays, monitors, printers or scanners, so that colors mean the same thing across devices, and more importantly look the same. The adjustment can be done in the operating system itself, which is what Mac OS X does (and one reason it is superior to Windows), or via International Color Consortium "ICC" profiles and other software trickery.

    tags: flock, firefox 3, rick cogley, icc, color management

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