Thursday, December 18, 2008 - "update all of your social networks at once" is an interesting service that lets you update your social networks simultaneously. You set up your social networks, such as Plaxo, Blogger, Twitter, Linked-in (30+ sites are supported), and then post to them in various ways. You can post from your dashboard page, or via email or chat client. That said, I know I would be kind of irritated to get the same exact post from a person on multiple networks.

Don't Inundate Your Readers

I would say it's important to use a powerful service like with care, and in a very specific way. Currently, I have the special email address from in my address book, and I am updating only business-related sites like Linked-In with a status related to my professional situation.

UPDATE - was not working for Plaxo updates up until 30 Dec 2008, but now it is fixed.

Ping away!

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