Monday, December 01, 2008

Rick Cogley's Delicious Bookmarks

Rick Cogley's Delicious Bookmarks

Link to Rick Cogley's Delicious Bookmarks

Rick Cogley's Error Handling in RapidWeaver

Posted: 01 Dec 2008 06:41 AM CST

If a file is missing, most web servers will return a 404 error, and the resulting page can be pretty spartan. For better search-engine optimization, in general you want to try to eliminate 404 errors, first you need a good 404 error page for when someone enters or clicks on a URL for a file that no longer exists, or, is a misspelling or mis-entry of an existing URL. This tutorial shows how to create a RapidWeaver 404 and also how to use 301 Redirects to automatically redirect missing pages to pages that exist.

Google Webmaster Tools

Posted: 01 Dec 2008 05:33 AM CST

Google Webmaster Tools. Register your sites here with your Google account and then enjoy some really good diagnostic tools for looking at how your site is indexed and any errors.

Google Documents Upload Page

Posted: 01 Dec 2008 03:04 AM CST

Allows you to select files and upload them to Google Docs, but also gives a special email address for uploading via email. See limitations for file type and size as well. If you upload a doc to Google docs, you can export it in various formats including PDF. So, if you are not fortunate to be on a Mac with the feature built in, and you do not have Acrobat, you can upload to Google Docs and then export to PDF from there.

.htaccess Generator from Japan

Posted: 30 Nov 2008 05:44 PM CST

This is an online .htaccess generator, in which you pick the parameters you want to set, and it makes the text you can copy and paste to your .htaccess.

Rapidweaver Links in Japanese

Posted: 30 Nov 2008 05:36 PM CST

Original: RapidWeaverで簡単HP作成|RapidWeaver リンク集

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